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Salvation Word Tabernacle


Salvation Word TV, is the mouthpiece for Salvation Word Tabernacle. Through the TV, we aim to ensure
a global outreach and revival by the word of salvation while projecting the activities of Salvation Word
Tabernacle (SaWoT). It has the mission of building a foundation with the word of salvation in the hearts
of people through an outreach worldwide and preparing them for the second coming of Christ.

It is God’s transformative instrument of revival and empowerment for this season, to announce and
preach the full gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ to every part of the world. An instrument that
will stand on the integrity of the Word of God and righteousness to see every human being enter the
kingdom of God.

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Salvation Word TV

Salvation Word TV is a revival and outreach channel taking Christ to the ends of the globe. We are raising an army marching on to the promised land.

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