We are happy to announce the acquisition of a property for SALVATION WORD TABERNACLE (SAWOT).The TABERNACLE is the mother vision that birthed Salvation Word TV. Salvation Word Tabernacle is a Tent of Meeting between God and His people according to the instruction of God to the Visioneer, to build a Tabernacle and bring His people to Him.Like in Exodus 25:8-9, God instructed Moses to build a Tabernacle that will be a meeting place between God and His people. For the past two (2) weeks, work has been going on, reconstructing and renovating according to the pattern given by God.More updates and information will be communicated here on Salvation Word TV which is the mouthpiece of The TABERNACLE and on our website. We leave you with some pictures of the work so far.All the glory to God alone for the mighty things He has done and is about to do.

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