It is with utmost enthusiasm and excitement that we announce AUGUST 6th 2023 as the date for the Inaugural Service marking the official take-off for Salvation Word Tabernacle (SAWOT). Preparations and foundation work for this mission, have been going on now for the past 11 months since God Almighty entrusted this mission into the hands of our leaders Prophet and Pastor Mrs. Bilem Justin. Through Salvation Word Tabernacle, God is sending us to reach out to the ends of the globe with the word of salvation, bringing to repentance those who have heard.

We have been holding prayer meetings, teachings, and other spiritual activities, laying a proper foundation upon which this ark shall sail and God has been proving Himself mightily through exceptional testimonies. On the other hand, construction work for the Tabernacle which is the sanctuary(God’s tent of meeting) has been going on and continues for the next 1month until the Inaugural Service(6th August 2023), and by God’s grace, everything will be in place for the event.

Join us therefore on the 6th of August 2023 for this historic event through which the light of God will touch the ends of the Globe. You can request a copy of “THE JOURNEY” which is the Constitution of Salvation Word Tabernacle.

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